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Bandana Love Bonus ~ click here to comment April 23, 2018 09:25

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone,

Bandana Love original

Last week we released Bandana Love, a simple and fun-to-knit bandana style cowl. Although we love the simplicity of this bandana, it was also a perfect canvas for patterns & textures and I got this crazy idea of including add-ons throughout the summer, free for those who purchase the pattern and/or knit kit!

Bandana Love add-on Front Print #1

Introducing, the first of many add-ons, Front Print #1.  It is a combo of 2 skeins of SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted (sample in Bison/Birch).  Single skeins and double skein knit kits are now available online.  If you prefer just the pattern, you can purchase from Ravelry.  Present and future add-on are included with pattern!  What is your favorite color combo?!  Is there a specific pattern you would love to see? 

Happy Knitting!

new offerings ~ click here to comment April 16, 2018 00:00

New offerings have arrived.  Introducing the newest pattern from Amanda Kaffka, Bandana Love, offered as a knitting pattern or as a Knit kit.  New coiless removable pear-shaped stitch markers and rainbow elastic loop stitch markers are now available.  Have you picked up your Bella Dean Shawl knit kit yet?

Bella Dean Shawl Knit Kit ~ Click here to comment April 2, 2018 00:00

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and/or Passover this holiday weekend!

Bella Dean Shawl Knit Kit

I am so excited to announce the newest knit kit to hit TCJ website, Bella Dean Shawl!  This was the first shawl I ever designed.  It was a gift to my mom back in 2014.  Since then, I have learnt so much and have had a ton of experience writing knitting patterns; I felt Bella Dean needed some serious TLC.  Without changing the look of the original shawl, I changed the way it's knit: stitches and the order they are worked.   I believe now, the pattern has a much better flow and the instructions are clearer.  

Bella Dean Shawl knit kit

Bella Dean Shawl is now available as a knit kit.  This one-skein-wonder project comes with the pattern and one skein of yarn.  We offer an array of colors in four SweetGeorgia yarn qualities (sample shown in SG Tough Love Sock, color Rainbow Sprinkle):


SG Tough Love Sock


SG Bulletproof Sock


SG Cashluxe Fine


SG Cashluxe Spark

If you are looking for a quick shawl to knit that will bring you into the spring/summer season, this is the shawl for you!

Bella Dean Shawl

The pattern can also be purchased on Ravelry as a single PDF pattern.  Link here.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Updates: thank you, a new hat knit kit & colors for the Anywhere Cowl ~ click here to comment March 26, 2018 00:00

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone!

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge and thank all those who marched, at this Saturday, March 24th, March For Our Lives. So many showed up, and I am more hopeful than ever for change and gun reform!  We can't stop the conversation or the fight for basic human rights to be safe! #enough #gunreform #marchforourlives For more updates on the March For Our Lives, click here.  Download the free #ENOUGH Hat & Headband pattern here on Ravelry.

Anywhere Cowl Knit Kit

Knitting is therapeutic, we all know it and it's been proven.  Whether you are knitting for a cause, like the #Enough Hat or knitting for meditation, pleasure or calm, the Anywhere Cowl is the perfect project to find the rhythm.  It is my go-to project I take with me "anywhere;" I always have a project on the go, in my purse, and a lot of the time, this is the one. The pattern is free on Ravelry, download a copy here.  If you prefer knit kits, we offer them in many colors using SweetGeorgia Party Of Five sets!  Last week we added three new colors, which I am wild about:

Candy Shop

Party Of Five Anywere Cowl Knit Kit


Party Of Five Anywhere Cowl Knit Kit


Party Of Five Anywhere Cowl Knit Kit

These colors remind me of spring, they take me to a happy place with every stitch. 

Anywhere Cowl      Anywhere Cowl      Anywhere Cowl

The newest design to come out of TCJ is the Marled Madness Hat!  If you knit for comfort, this 100% cashmere hat is for you!  It's just simply soft and the marled effect is spectacular. 

Marled Madness Hat

  Only available as a knit kit, these hats come in three colors: 

 Marled Madness Knit Kit     Marled Madness Knit Kit     Marled Madness Knit Kit

Dear Knitter is back, new questions are answered each Wednesday.  Submit your question either by email: amanda (@); in the comments below; through the contact forms online or through FB or IG message. We would love to hear from you!

Dear Knitter

Here’s Why Your Dog is the Perfect Hobby Companion ~ click here to comment March 19, 2018 00:00

Guest post by Maria Cannon

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone! 

TCJ intro: If you follow me & TCJ, you will already know, I am obsessed with cats…Kitty & Percy (my two main furry friends) make it into FB & IG posts regularly! I know all about the love you can receive and give to pets, and they make great backdrops to photos!  That being said, there is a huge responsibility that goes with being a pet owner.  Please consider your lifestyle and if you can give the proper time and dedication and can afford the expenses before introducing any pet into your life!

Please welcome back Maria as she outlines the fabulous ways dogs can enhance your crafty life.

Here’s Why Your Dog is the Perfect Hobby Companion

 You’ve probably heard that hobbies are good for your health: they give you something to occupy your mind, keep your brain active, and can even keep your physical health in-check. If you’re a dog owner, or thinking about adopting a four-legged friend, you can maximize the health benefits of hobbies by incorporating your pup into your favorite pastimes. Not sure how Fido fits into your plans? Read on to find out how you can incorporate your dog into just about any activity.

Dogs Love Active Outdoor Fun, Too

Of course, the most obvious way to engage in hobbies with your dog is to participate in outdoor activities. Dogs love to play fetch, making them a great companion for frisbee lovers. Unlike your human friends and maybe your significant other, a dog is always up for a walk or jog around the block or a hike through the woods.

If your pup loves the beach just as much as you do, plan a day trip packed with fun and games of fetch. When you’re both tuckered out at the end of an active day, snuggling up next to your furry friend for a nap is the perfect way to end the day. The great thing about outdoor activities is that they provide ample opportunities for physical activity, which is good for your physical health – and your dog’s, too.

Crafting…with Dogs?

A dog is the ideal sidekick for more than just long walks and a game of fetch at the dog park; your dog can accompany you on the trails, rest his head in your lap while you watch a sappy movie on a Friday night, and even play a role in your favorite crafts. If you love to sew, for example, why not make some handmade duds for your handsome pup?

Up-cycle some old, no-longer used items to craft a sophisticated dog bed or use your baking skills to prepare some delectable handmade treats for your four-legged friend. You can put your crafty skills to work with dozens of DIY ideas that your pup is sure to enjoy.

Photographers, Artists, and Dogs, Unite

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, pets tend to make photogenic subjects. Practice your photography skills in a fun outdoor photo session, or try your hand at some William Wegman-style photography just for fun.

If manning the camera isn’t your thing, but you have a way with a paintbrush and canvas, painting (or drawing) your pet’s portrait is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your beloved pet while creating a lasting memory that you’ll cherish forever.

Do Some Volunteering

Did you know that it’s relatively easy to have your dog certified as a therapy dog? A therapy dog is different from a service dog. Service dogs are specially trained from a young age to work with people with specific disabilities, such as vision impairment or epilepsy. Therapy dogs, on the other hand, work alongside their owners visiting settings such as schools, assisted living communities and nursing homes, and hospitals.

Therapy dogs improve the well-being of the children and adults they visit, providing emotional support to the elderly, a cheerful distraction for children and adults who are hospitalized, and simply by being a friendly, fuzzy face. If you like to give back to the community, find out if your dog is a good candidate for a therapy dog certification and start making a difference in the lives of others.

Fido Deserves a Break

If you haven’t ever taken your dog on vacation, consider bringing him along on your next adventure. Whether you take a long weekend trip to the beach or head into the woods for a week-long camping excursion, your dog can make a perfect travel companion – he’s never grumpy, he tends to pack light, and he won’t get irritable when you’re stuck in traffic (although he may request a potty break).

If you do plan to travel with your dog, make sure that your travel arrangements are suitable for your dog. There are many pet-friendly hotels and other lodging options, and some airlines are pet-friendly, as well (although air travel can be a bit trickier compared to land travel for pets). Nothing makes a strange bed more comfortable than having your dog snuggled up by your side.

There are many activities, pastimes, and adventures that are sure to be just as enjoyable for your dog as they are for you. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, thinking about planning a hike on your favorite trail, or looking for some new ideas to satisfy your crafty urges, your dog can fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Plus, bringing your dog along for the ride means you get twice the benefit: the emotional well-being benefits that your dog’s companionship provides, plus the many mental and physical health benefits you already gain from engaging in a hobby you love. 


Ever considered an easy side gig that would give you and your beloved dog some fresh air and exercise plus some extra cash? Just think: more budget for yarn! Needles! Hooks! It may not be as hard as you think to get started as a dog walker (and/or dog boarder) through sites like If you decide to go this route, you’ll have extra tail wags and kisses on your next outdoor adventure with your pup.

A dog is more than (wo)man’s best friend: a dog can be just the friend you need to get more exercise, explore new territories, learn new crafts, or even make a little extra money. Give your furry friend an extra pat today to let him know how much you care!

Image via Pixabay by 3025332

About Maria: Quilting is my favorite pastime, but it's much more than that, too. As someone who has dealt with depression and anxiety, I've also found that having a hobby, like quilting, can be the perfect prescription for boosting mental health, not to mention that it challenges the brain.

In general, no matter how old you are, hobbies can reduce stress, improve mood, offer feelings of accomplishment, and provide opportunities for socializing. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the benefits of hobbies, so I have started looking for more resources and information to share with people of all ages. I created Hobby Jr as an outlet to share my found information including useful links, resources and articles about how to get started.

Dear Knitter ~ click here to comment March 12, 2018 08:36

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone!

Dear Knitter

We are so excited to announce the return of Dear Knitter! We started this segment back in 2016, after a bit of a lull...we are back!  We are re-launching Dear Knitter today (Monday), but expect weekly posts each Wednesday.  Monthly posts/questions will remain on the front page and also be archived per topic in the drop down Dear Knitter menu, for easy searching.  Do you have a knitting/crochet/craft question?  Please, send us your big or small questions via email, website contact/chat, IG/FB message or here on the blog, we would love to hear from you! xo

#ENOUGH Hat & Headband update ~ click here to comment February 27, 2018 13:00

It has been a little over a week since I launched the free Ravelry #ENOUGH Hat/Headband pattern; the response has been incredible, it gives me hope.  Listening to the young adults fight for gun law change, seeing their urgency and feeling their energy gives me hope.  So many of you reached out, sending me beautiful notes of appreciation, sharing what this hat/headband meant to them; these messages, give me hope .  Whether American or from around the world, people started knitting, showing support and standing for change. Here are a few FO's I noticed on social media #ENOUGH #EnoughHat #EnoughHeadband #WearOrange


Download the free pattern here from Ravelry (hat & headband are included, along with tips on what you can do on a local level to help make changes).

#ENOUGH Knit Kits

Kit Kits are available, here.  Each kit comes with a printed pattern, SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted Yarn (1 full skein & 1 partial skein for the #ENOUGH letters) & a TCJ 100% cotton project bag.

#Enough Hat/Headband sample sale

I have also been getting requests for pre-made #ENOUGH Hats & Headbands.  Although I am not set up to mass produce, I put all the hand knit samples made for photoshoots and product shots up for sale.  These are one-of-a-kind and are limited quantity. Get yours before it's gone, here.

Thank you for knitting and wearing the #ENOUGH hats/headbands proud; thank you for marching; thank you for speaking up and taking action.  xo

#ENOUGH HAT: Knit Kits and a free pattern ~ Click here to comment February 19, 2018 18:12

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone.  And, happy Family Day to the rest of Canada.


Yesterday I designed and launched the #ENOUGH Hat which is my way of supporting the movement towards gun reform and law changes in America. "Enough is enough!"  #ENOUGH Hat is a free pattern on Ravelry for everyone! 

For me, the act of making and knitting this hat gives me a sense of comradery and purpose.  So far, the feedback has been incredible; amazing 'thank you' messages from makers around the world in search of a way to " their support and solidarity with Parkland and with all other victims of violence..." have been pouring in.  I feel a great sense of community, I have hope.  One of my favorite comments was: "Thank you for giving my hands something to do while my mind spins." These comments and more, remind me that the little things, like making a hat, are actually big and important!  


I know we have to do more than just knit a hat to make change; but, this hat helps bring us together, it shows our support and reminds us to stay in this space until changes are made! No distractions. We are strong in numbers...but don't forget, we are also fierce as individuals and can make a difference by doing simple things.  

The pattern includes tips on what we can do on a local level to help. For those of us who are in other countries, this hat is a beautiful way to show support from afar. 

#ENOUGH Color Swatches

And, if you are looking for the whole package, we have #ENOUGH Hat knit kits available!  These kits include beautiful, soft, comforting yarn: SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted and the pattern.  If you need needles (4.5mm & 5.5mm), click here

Please use #EnoughHat & #Enough when you post your in-progress or finished your hat! xo

Knitting Blog Spotlight ~ click here to comment February 12, 2018 00:00

Happy #TCJMonday 

My FamilyIt's BC, Canada's Family Day today, and I am so happy to say I am spending it with my little family, Hubby and Kitty! Happy Family Day everyone!

Feb 2018 Pop-up Shop

We had such a great weekend at the Pop-up Shop! Thank you to all that came out to support us and to just check it out!  We are loving this new venture and hope to continue to offer Pop-up's throughout the year!  Stay tuned, and be sure to join the mailing list to get updates and locations!


GGmadeit Spot Light

You guys all know GGMADEIT, right?! Well, on Saturday she Spotlighted me on her blog!  WOW, what an honor!  She has been knitting my patterns up like-a-storm, and I couldn't be more thrilled!  GG had some fears about knitting, like a lot of us do, and she has overcome them by diving in and picking projects she was passionate about and going for it!  Read about her knitting fears here!  Other than my love of knitting and my passion for design, my number one goal as a knitwear designer is to inspire my followers, students, fans and knitting/crochet community.  It is so humbling when I see people walking down the street wearing one of my designs that I know they made; or when a student finishes a knit they have been working hard on and they are proud of it; and when people share their knitting stories, struggles and accomplishments after knitting one of my designs.  WOW, this is what I design for, these moments. Thank you GG for sharing your story and in-turn inspiring so many to knit, make and create! 

Be sure to comment on GG's Spotlight Blog post for a chance to win a copy of AFTERGLOW.  Good Luck xo

EVENT: Vancouver Pop up Shop ~ click here to comment February 6, 2018 15:15

Hey Everyone!

Vancouver pop up shop

Vancouver Pop-up Shop is hosting another Pop-up this Friday Feb 09 & Saturday Feb 10th, 10am - 6pm at The Designers Collective: 2885 West 33rd (Mackenzie & 33rd), Vancouver, BC Canada.  If you missed the last one, make sure to pop in this time. And if you came last time, we have so many new things to share with you!

Vancouver Pop Up Shop

All Vancouver local talent, featuring handmade knitwear by myself and Tamara, Silk scarves by RLKD, Paintings by Denise Gasser, jewelry by Caroline Calvert and so much more!  This is the month of LOVE and if you LOVE shopping local, this is the place to be!  Event info can be found here, on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks!

Magpie Darling Hat: new colors ~ click here to comment January 15, 2018 15:30 1 Comment

Happy #TCJMonday 

Magpie Darling Knit Kit Hat

Do you love sparkle as much as I do?  How about sparkle AND cashmere together? This is my number one combo right now, and we are offering it! Shop Knit Kit

Cashmere Magpie Darling Hat

Put your sunglasses on, new knit kits are now up and we have lots of choices: two balls of cashmere in Lt Grey, Dk Grey or Hot Pink with your choice of sparkle: Gold/Gold sequin, Black/Black sequin, Black/Gold sequin, Silver/Black sequin, Black.Rainbow sequin or Gold/Rainbow sequin.

Sequin Magpie Darling Hat

What will you choose?  One of each?  

 Magpie Darling Hat

Just want the pattern?  No problem, it's listed here on Ravelry.

Restock ~ click here to comment January 8, 2018 00:00

Happy #TCJMonday

Have you recovered from the hustle and bustle of the Holiday's and the rush of New Years?  I can't believe it is actually 2018 already!  Here we go!  

Paris Night Mecha

I have added 2 NEW colors to the Bestie Bandana & Bambi Cowl: Paris Night & Mix (Arapey).  Mecha can do no wrong, these colors are fabulous!  Paris Night is the original color I used to design Bambi; and now, I am so excited to finally be able to offer it! It's a deep navy that makes my heart sing!

Bambi Cowl

Mix (875 Arapey), is totally new; and, if you love the Boho-look, this is the color for you! It's a warm soft mix of many colors that blend and shift together: mauves/blues/greens/mustards....

Arapey mecha

I also restocked Grey (43 Plomo), an old'ie but a goodie! 

Bestie Bandana

Are you finishing projects from the past? Or, casting on new ones?  I am doing a combo: casting off older projects, making room for the new ones!  Next week I have a super sparkly explosion of colors & combos to show you, can't wait!

LYKKE Needle SetsLYKKE stocked up: Fixed Needles, Crochet & Interchangeables! Shop Now. FREE SHIPPING to US & Canada orders, no minimums. 

Gratitude for 2017 & thankful to all the fans ~ click here to comment December 30, 2017 15:41

As 2017 comes to a close and the anticipation of 2018 fills my mind, I pause to look back to reflect; wow, what a roller-coaster year! Politically & personally my life has been filled with major ups and major downs; but, thank goodness I have my craft, my family, my friends, my fans. I am so grateful to be able do what I love as my full-time occupation and I am overwhelmed with appreciate for all the supporters, fans, knitters & crafters that lift me up, follow me, participate, make my designs and shop at The Crafty Jackalope; I couldn’t run this beast without you! Thank you.

LYKKE Fixed Circular Needles

To end the year and kick off 2018, I have added to the LYKKE collection!  I am so excited to announce the arrival of the LYKKE Fixed Circular Needles and a limited quantity of the newest colors offered in the Interchangeable Sets: Indigo & Umber.  These colored sets are truly fantastic in person!  I also added the LYKKE Cords for the sets.

LYKKE Interchangeable Set: Indigo       LYKKE Interchangeable Set: Umber

I have some big ideas for 2018, but this is the year I am going to take my time and try to execute with more purpose and less haste....

Things to look forward to in the beginning of January: new colors and more sparkles will be added to the Cashmere Blackstone Slouchy and Magpie Darling Hat, along with 2 new colors for the Bestie Bandana & Bambi Cowl.

Major projects/collections in the works: a spring/summer cotton shawl collection; a baby knits collection; a women’s wear collection!

Teaching: I will continue to teach at the Elementary Schools, recruiting new knitters!  These classes are truly about imagination: starting with an idea, knitting and being creative, changing the idea and turning the knitted fabric into something else!  I will also continue to teach day-time classes at Baaad Anna’s when applicable.  And, of course I am always teaching private and group lessons around Vancouver, BC Canada.

And to end this year on a super positive note, I want to share with you all a beautiful and cheerful Pilot Pullover from ggmadeit! Her smile is infectious and I just love how she embraced this knit full-heartedly!

Pilot Pullover

Pilot Pullover

 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Let’s make 2018 a creative & positive one!

Merry Christmas ~ click here to comment December 24, 2017 11:50

Christmas Eve is finally here.  With all the hustle and bustle lead up, I hope everyone could enjoy the Holiday sparkle and not be too stressed out...knitting gifts! 

Christmas Eve Jackalope poem

This year, the meaning of Christmas got more special for me; the amazing December lead up has been about reuniting with family! I know I have been a bit absent from TCJ, my knitting was a little less and my online presents was a little lacking, but focusing on building relationships as revived me to go into 2018 with a bang! And, let me tell you, there are a lot of exciting things happening and to look forward to!  

I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Merry Christmas. xo

sample sale online ~ click here to comment November 27, 2017 08:21

Happy #TCJMonday 

sample sale

If you missed the sample sale a few weeks ago, don't worry!  The sample sale is now up online

sample salesample saleThere is still time to receive mail in time for the holidays, if you are looking for that perfect gift.  Prices are at amazing discounts and all knits/crochet are made from high quality yarns. 

And, don't forget, we offer free shipping always!

shop silk

We love mixing our fibers & textures; silk & knits are a phenomenal combo!  I can't say enough about RLKD 100% silk collection of scarves.  These pieces are absolutely beautiful.  The graphics are amazing and depending on how you wear your scarf, different colors are highlighted, making them very versatile.  Exceptional quality, I highly recommend owning at least one of these for yourself and gifting a bunch!

shop samples

The Holidays are approaching fast, make sure to order your knits, kits or scarves by December 04th for Hanukkah delivery & December 15th for a Christmas delivery!  Need help finding your size?  Use this measuring chart to help.  You can also always contact us through the live chat or contact form found at the Left and right bottom corners of the website.

How Hobbies Help You Age Healthy and Happy ~ click here to comment November 20, 2017 08:36

Guest post by Maria Cannon

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone! 

TCJ intro: Crafting and making is a integral part of my life.  I grew up in a super creative household where I was raised to always be making.  The rule in our house was "no watching TV unless you are making something." I understand this is not everyone's childhood, but I believe it is in all of us to make and create at some capacity.  Starting a hobby at retirement or any age is such a fabulous thing to do. If you feel intimidated learning to knit or crochet for the first time, find your local yarn shop (LYS); joining a beginner class or a weekly knit-night is a great place to start.

Please welcome back Maria as she illustrates the importance of finding a hobby in retirement and where to start.  I believe these tips cross over to all ages; starting a hobby, joining knit groups, being part of the community can benefit your life in so many positive ways.

How Hobbies Help You Age Healthy and Happy

Once you're retired, you may find that you have more time for hobbies, but how do you know what kind of hobby to pursue? Finding a meaningful hobby is an important part of healthy aging because it reduces stress and improves mental health. If you aren't sure where to start, these tips can help you find hobbies that fit your interests and give the best boost to your mental health too.

Challenging hobbies give meaning to life

Many people feel like their sense of purpose vanishes when they retire, and no longer having the role that comes from working can leave you feeling lost. When you pursue a hobby you enjoy, it helps you find your identity again and a renewed sense of purpose. Try a hobby where you have to learn something new. While negative stress causes anxiety, taking on a challenge or positive stress, called eustress, is actually really important to a fulfilling life and avoiding depression as we age. A hobby can give us this positive challenge, and the feeling of accomplishment you get is an added benefit. 

Creative hobbies sharpen your brain

Research reported by CBS news shows that creative hobbies have benefits that keep your brain sharp as you age. In the study, participants who engaged in creative hobbies developed less cognitive impairment. To maximize this benefit, try your hand at a new creative endeavor. The extra mental challenge will boost the benefit to your brain. Knitting, painting, music, woodworking, and writing are all great creative activities to keep your mind active and engaged. 

Hobbies create healthy habits

While hobbies make life fun and can lift your mood, they can also help you develop healthy habits as you age. If you feel stuck thinking of what you'd like to try, check out this list of healthy hobbies from The Huffington Post. Making time for healthy hobbies on a routine bases gives structure to your life, which may be lacking after retirement. This is especially helpful for anyone who is in recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a habit that's extremely hard to kick, but according to the Harvard Health blog, healthy hobbies can be a powerful way of stopping addictive behaviors. When you replace unhealthy addiction with healthy hobbies, not only does your hobby fill that void, but it also helps you become invested in something you're passionate about and possibly find a new community too.

Social hobbies form friendships

An unfortunate problem for many of us as we age is feeling socially isolated. Finding new hobbies that get you out of the house and part of a community of people who have the same interests helps build back that social network you may be missing. According to Psychology Today, numerous studies have shown that people who are socially engaged are happier. Researchers have even nailed down the optimal number and types of hobbies. They say that retirees who are happiest do three to four activities regularly, and they get even greater benefit if those activities are social. Engaging in social activities is especially important for someone who is in recovery from addiction because it helps you form new bonds based on a positive shared interest, which can replace past relationships that may have been damaged.

Get physical to boost benefits

When you choose hobbies that are active, your mental health gets an added boost on top of all the other benefits of a hobby. Physical activity boosts chemicals in your brain that make you feel good and promote mental health. Even moderate exercise can reduce anxiety and depression. Yoga, walking, and gardening are all great physical activities that can also be social if you join a class or club.

As you age, taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and finding a hobby is a great way to do both. What have you always wanted to try but never had the time for? Don't wait any longer! Now is the time to jump right in and discover how rewarding it can be.

Photo credit: Pexels

Quilting is my favorite pastime, but it's much more than that, too. As someone who has dealt with depression and anxiety, I've also found that having a hobby, like quilting, can be the perfect prescription for boosting mental health, not to mention that it challenges the brain.
In general, no matter how old you are, hobbies can reduce stress, improve mood, offer feelings of accomplishment, and provide opportunities for socializing. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the benefits of hobbies, so I have started looking for more resources and information to share with people of all ages. I created Hobby Jr as an outlet to share my found information including useful links, resources and articles about how to get started.

put a pompom on it: new Blackstone Slouchy knit kits ~ click here to comment November 13, 2017 12:11

Happy #TCJMonday

Blackstone Slouchy with pompom


Blackstone Slouchy with pompom

Whenever you add a pompom to an accessory, it bumps it up to SUPER COOL status; it just adds that je nes sais quoi.  Get a Blackstone Slouchy knit kit! Included in the kit: yarn, pattern & faux fur fox pompom to complete your project all wrapped up in a cute TCJ 100% cotton project bag. 2 colors to choose from.

Blackstone Slouchy

These knit kits are fabulous for quick holiday gift-giving projects.  For the full list of all the Holiday gift-giving ideas, click here.  We got your back, these are projects everyone will love to receive!

Don't forget to mark your calendars, our huge sample sale is coming up quick, this Friday November 18th 4pm - 8pm & Saturday November 19th 10am - 6pm at the Designers Collective on 2885 West 33rd (corner of Mackenzie St), Vancouver, BC CANADA.  We have tons of amazing knits at incredible prices and beautiful 100% silk scarves designed by Rebecca, along with Uashmama washable paper bags made in Italy, knit kits & copies of my new book, AFTERGLOW! 

See you there!


Bobble Bliss Shawl ~ click here to comment November 6, 2017 00:00

Happy #TCJMonday !

Bobble Bliss Shawl

Wow, I am so proud of my ma, Nancy Walker, who designed this beautiful Bobble Bliss Shawl. It's fun, engaging and simple all wrapped up in one design, the result is stunning.

Bobble Bliss Shawl

The bobbles give whimsy and texture, the simplicity of the Garter Stitch and Stockinette Stitch rows give sophistication.  

Bobble Bliss Shawl

I already cast on my second Bobble Bliss, it's super fun to make and using different colors and weights keeps it interesting every time. The pattern has suggestions for weight & needle size variations along with extra row repeats if you want to knit for days.............. And, the pattern comes as two styles, one with every row written out, if you are list-checker-off'er; and one that has been simplified referring you to the repeats.

Sample sale

And, don't forget to mark your calendars, if you haven't already. Vancouver LOCAL SAMPLE SALE.  Shop local, high-end knitwear, accessories, silk shawls, Uashmama, knit kits all at great prices!

When: November 17th 4pm - 8pm & November 18th 10am - 8pm.
Where: Designers Collective 2885 West 33rd Ave, Vancouver BC CANADA.

save the date: we are having a major sample sale ~ click here to comment November 1, 2017 00:00

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to announce an event coming up in a few weeks!  We are hosting a major knitwear sample sale and you are invited!  SAVE THE DATE.....

WHEN: November 17th 4pm - 8pm & November 18th 10am - 6pm.
WHERE: Designers Collective 2885 West 33rd, Vancouver BC CANADA

Over the years I have knit a, really...a lot and I have made tons of knitwear & accessory samples from knitting TCJ designs, knit kit samples in multiple colors and from knitting for enjoyment and learning. 

All the samples are made out of amazing quality yarn, never been worn and I just want to clear-house, so the prices are incredible! If you live in or close to Vancouver, I encourage you to come out to the event and shop "LOCAL" for this years Holiday Season gift-giving! And, of course pick up a few pieces for yourself!

This Sample Sale is not limited to just knitwear!  I am so happy and honored to be sharing the space with my talented friend and amazing Graphic Designer, Rebecca Kovacs Dinning whom recently launched a beautiful line of 100% Silk Scarves!  You can follow her design story on Instagram.

Also, at the event, I have brought in some fabulous and functional UASHMAMA washable paper bags and a few purses! These are handmade in Italy.  I will also have a few knit kits, as per requested.  So, RSVP on the FB Event page, or just show up of course, but come early as I expect to sell out fast!

ASAP Bandana, another quick Holiday gift idea ~ click here to comment October 30, 2017 05:00

Happy #TCJMonday !

We have another Holiday knitting project to announce!  I love this one, the ASAP Bandana.  This one-skein-wonder project is meant to be knit fast, it is both engaging and speedy!  

 ASAP Bandana

Knit Kit comes with 1 skein of 100% Alpaca Mirasol Paqu Pura in color Mustard Blossoms, a bright sophisticated yellow. 

ASAP Bandana Mustard Blossoms

Or Peruvian Nights, a deep blue with slight variation in shade.

Don't stress about the holiday gift making, get a head start and order a few ASAP Bandana kits and some Cashmere Pom pom Toques!  FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS!

new cashmere knit-kits, the start of holiday knitting ~ click here to comment October 23, 2017 10:43

Happy #TCJMonday ! 

It is that time of year when we seriously need to think about and cast on our Holiday knitting projects!  Whether you need to make a few special things or something for everyone, Holiday making should be stress free, quick, enjoyable and fun!  We got your back! 

cashmere pom pom toque

Introducing the newest knit kit: Cashmere Pom Pom Toque!  This knit kit comes with 2 balls of 100% chunky cashmere, a luxury faux fox pom pom and pattern!  Knitting with the cashmere is such a joy, making a gazillion for your friends, family and of course one for yourself will be effortless and fun!

cashmere pom pom toque knit kit

This kit is offered in 2 colors of cashmere (Dusty Blue #03 & Beige #02) and 4 pom pom colors (Grey, Black, Brown & Cream).

cashmere pom pom toque

Don't wait until the last minute to get your Holiday knitting underway! Over the next few weeks I will be adding more projects and quick knit kits to the shop.  I love this time of year.

cashmere pom pom knit kit


Knit city & kristyglassknits pilot pullover reivew ~ click here to comment October 2, 2017 15:26

Happy #TCJMonday

WOW, what a weekend!  Thank you to everyone who came out to Knit City 2017! I don't know about you, but there was so much talent, amazing yarns, fibers, people, makers in one place, my mind was blown! What a whirl wind.  I am in awe of all the amazing talent in our city, Vancouver.  And, not only in our city but all the wonderful vendors & teachers that come from out of town to participate in Knit City, amazing!  Each year this event gets bigger and better and mum (Nancy Walker, Talking Clay) and I just love participating in it and meeting all the makers! The Knit Social gals do an amazing job!

I am still digesting, but here are some highlights....

Stephen West & The Crafty Jackalope

Stephen West popped by our booth! Gawwwww... 

A super fan, and more importantly a Bestie came by to represent, wearing a TCJ t-shirt and a Portobello Cowl, can't get better than that!

And...Stephen West was Wonder Woman....YES!

As if Knit City wasn't exiting enough, last week Kristyglassknits posted a bunch of photos of her Pilot Pullover she recently knit! WOW, what an honor!

kristyglassknits on IG

She also posted this Pilot Pullover review on her YouTube channel. Her channel has tons of great resources on how to knit, fabulous reviews about yarns and patterns, places to go and baking, along with reviews from knitwear designers and yarn shop owners.  I highly recommend following her channel

Pilot Pulloever

You can get the Pilot Pullover pattern here on Ravelry.  We also sell the Pilot Pullover as a knit knit in the shop, here if you want the whole shaa-bang!

Have a great week everyone!  Can't wait to see the treasures you acquired this weekend at Kity City if you were able to go! xo

Knit City, the LYKKE collection & AFTERGLOW ~ click here to comment September 25, 2017 00:00


Knit City

Knit City is just around the corner!  Are you getting excited?  We are!!!  Mum, Talking Clay, and I are sharing a booth again this year and we have a super wonderful surprise for you, you wont want to miss our booth #306

Due to popular demand, I have added to the LYKKE collection, and now offer crochet hooks, DPN's along with the Short & Long Interchangeables.

LYKKE Crochet hook

If you are interested in ordering AFTERGLOW or any parts of it, click here.

Happy Knitting everyone!  See you at Knit City!

We Are Knitters Party ~click here to comment September 19, 2017 21:20

Who likes to party?!  We do!  And by party we mean...crochet, or knit!

We Are Knitters

Last Sunday we gathered a big group of besties, and together we crochet a We Are Knitters kit!  Some learnt new skills, others brushed up on old hobbies....

Sadly, the dog ate all my Rosy (above) is the only evidence that such a wild party was had........

Botos Tee

We crochet the Botos Tee which comes with 4 balls of super soft cotton, a pattern and hook (optional)! This super cute top is a great piece to learn a new skill, get back into crochet or whip up something quick! 

We love cool crochet, and when we get into a craft, we go all in.  

LYKKKE Crochet Set

Getting the new LYKKE Crochet 10-hook set was a no-brainer.  Order yours today, here.

Well, what a night.  Believe me, it was fabulous, Rosy was a gem and so was the company and the craft! Thank you WAK!