New Knit Kits // Magpie Darling Hats ~ click here to comment

New Knit Kits // Magpie Darling Hats ~ click here to comment

It's 2020 and my first Cast On and Cast Off happened to be one of my favorite projects, a super sparkly Magpie Darling Hat! 

 The Orginal MDH

Way back in April 2017 I designed this blinged-out hat that I thought no one would love as much as I do, I was wrong!  This hat has become one of my most beloved knit kits of all time and rightfully so!  It thrills me to bits that makers around the world were dazzled by this shiny sparkly hat and chose to make one for themselves, friends and loved ones!

 New MDH

Much inline with 2020 bringing change and evolution, it seems fitting that the MDH got a revamp.  Although I still offer the original MDH knit kits and pattern, this version has a few changes to give you more choice.  Let's be honest, the original MDH was a luxury project, this new one, although not cashmere, is a beautiful merino that's more economical, a great choice if you don't feel like spending a lot or you want to make a ton.  Other changes you will notice, the yarn is a lighter weight than the original making a soft fine fabric and this version offers 4 sizes: XS (S, M, L, XL).

The color range offered is quite extensive, giving you lots of choices.  Check them out and explore the possibilities!  What's your favorite color? The sample is color MOSS & Black/Rainbow Sequins in size S.


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