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March 12, 2018

DEAR KNITTER:  My pattern is for a cardigan being worked on circular needles. After casting on 195 stitches, it says: Do not join. On wrong side, work 53 left-front stitches. Place marker for left side. Knit 89 back stitches. Place marker for right side. Knit 53 right front stitches. I cannot make head or tail of this. What are back stitches? Are they going back over the knit stitches and unkntting them? If so, the why not just place the markers? Or should I join the two ends of the circular needles when kitting back? Or do back stitches mean knitting into the back? I’m flummoxed - please help! –B

DEAR B:  When starting a top down sweater, whether it is worked fully in the round (pullover) or worked flat (cardigan), typically the pattern will start with working flat, building a bit more height at the “back” of the neck and length at the center front.  In this case, when the pattern reads, “knit 89 back stitches” they are simply referring to the stitches that are literally the Back of the sweater; the L Front & R Front stitches also refer to specific sections on the sweater. You would Knit these stitches as noted.  Keep in mind, circular needles can be used for knitting in the round and/or knitting flat (back-and-forth).