Happy New Year ~ click here to comment

Happy New Year ~ click here to comment

Happy New Year Makers! 

Wow, it's a new decade, 2020, a time to reflect, focus and move forward towards exciting opportunities.  

Owl Headband

LOOKING BACK // I am grateful to have found my passion and be able to share it with the world.  I am grateful for all of you who follow me, support me, make my designs and get as excited as I do over knit kits and all knitting treasures! Thank you.  I always love love love seeing your TCJ projects, be sure to tag me #ShareYourTCJ on IG here or here.

FOCUS // Now is the time hone in my skills and ideas; to look at what works, what doesn't, what I need to improve and how to shift my business into growth.
MOVE FORWARD // Over the next few weeks, I am taking the time to explore these "focused" ideas and what it means for the business.  This year I want to work smart, not more.  I am a one-gal show and sometimes I get too obsessed with doing everything, it's time for balance! 
Changes already implemented: new newsletter campaign builder which includes fun tools like Spin to Win which is going on now until the end of the month!  You can expect more magazine-like newsletters that are more informative and inspirational. Plus you can expect more exclusive deals and coupon codes for those who subscribe. 
Some new things to expect: more kits, more designs, more treasures!  More inclusive size range on existing patterns and new ones.  If you are interested in being a test knitter for sizes XL - 4XL please let me know.  Did you know I have a private FB page for testers?  If you are serious about becoming a tester for ANY size, contact me and I will send you the invite.  Testers need to have great time management skills, have a critical eye and, obviously,  have knitting skills.
A few things I am working towards: a Vlog, more consistent blogs and getting myself out into the world! And most importantly being present, and working with intent! 
the crafty jackalope
I am hopeful for 2020, I believe this new decade is a restart and a beautiful opportunity to do great things.  I hope you follow me along this journey and I look forward to seeing all your projects, reading all your comments and helping to inspire you throughout the next 10 years!


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