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CORDSMITH {Merchandise}

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ORIGINAL: Navy Glitter TCJ Logo on White
MINI: White TCJ Logo on Navy Glitter

Orders will go May 31th, 2024.

The brilliant Cordsmith is a convenient and efficient tool for crafting an i-cord. Now offered in the Original size and the MINI"

What's the same?

  • The handles are identical. Switching between tool sizes will be seamless, comfortable, and feel natural.
  • Price is the same.
  • The tools work exactly the same. No need to learn a new technique.


What's Different?

  • They have different needle sizes & spacing.
  • The Mini is specifically designed for lace weight - sport weight.
  • The Mini will make a tidier edge for CO & BO with lighter weight yarns. Ideal for shoelaces.

Watch this video to get started:

What can you make with it? Anything that requires knitted i-cord!

  • Use it to create i-cord to cast on a project
  • Use it to create an attached i-cord bind off
  • Drawstrings for hoodies, pants, and bags
  • Use the i-cord to knit or crochet a super squishy blanket, rugs or chair cushions
  • Add beads as you go to make sparkly bracelets or holiday garland
  • Wrap around round foam balls to make holiday decorations
  • Hanging loops for stockings
  • Slide over wire shapes and words
  • Macrame art
  • Plant hangers
  • Decorative wall hangings
  • Strings to attach mittens or hat ties

Designed by Autumn and her husband, this incredible tool is not only useful but accessible. It’s lightweight, designed to be able to be used left or right handed, has a texture on both sides that makes it easy to hold onto and is sized that small hands can grip it firming while hands with dexterity issues or conditions like arthritis can grasp and worked with a relaxed hand. It actually works better if you’re relaxed which means you can work longer without fatigue.

Cordsmith was designed out of a deep dislike of knitting i-cord while finding that most patterns we love incorporate it to some degree. Every stitch made with Cordsmith replaces three knit stitches and the time it takes to slide your stitches back to your working needle again. Yes, it's really that fast and it’s easy enough that kids can easily use it.