TCJ pattern advice archive

January 02, 2016

DEAR KNITTER: I want to make Arrows & Sparrows Cowl,  but as a long scarf (I'm tall). How many balls of Extra should I buy? -- MODIFYING KNITS

DEAR MODIFYING KNITS: If you wanted to make Arrows & Sparrows as a scarf (great idea!) I would get an extra ball each of colors A & C (the larger color block stripes).  As is, blocked the "scarf" would be about 52"  The rule of thumb, for the perfect scarf/shawl length to double around your neck, is the scarf should be as tall as you or as long as your arm span (which is your height).  Example:  I am 5'10" so my perfect shawl/scarf length is 70"


January 01, 2016

DEAR KNITTER: I have completed the body of the Feathering Shawl #1 (with lace edging) and am now ready to do the edging. I am having trouble understanding the pattern from here. Can you please advise? -- BORDER TROUBLE

DEAR BORDER TROUBLE: You're so close and this last lace boarder can be confusing!  For the lace edging you will just be working on the 7 st, 4 row lace edging pattern and 1 st from the lace body every other row.  You will not be working all the way to the end of the 293 sts each row rather, the 293 sts will be worked one at a time on rows 2 & 4 only with an SSK.