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AFTERGLOW seven-piece collection full video ~ click here to comment September 18, 2017 15:15 1 Comment

Happy #TCJMonday

It's almost been two weeks since the launch of AFTERGLOW!  The response has been immense, thank you for your support!  It takes a lot to publish a book and to put yourself out there, literally on the pages and then to put it out there in the world.  But, The Crafty Jackalope has amazing followers and fans, making the process so enjoyable every step of the way! 

I put this video together, hopefully it captures the feel of the collection and inspires you to cast on!

Hardcopies (eBook included with purchase) are now available here! Or simply order an eBook or single pattern PDF's here

Wool And The Gang has a coupon code for you guys which I will reveal very soon!  So, check out the yarns here and fill your shopping carts! Take the time to imagine................

monday June 06, 2016 June 6, 2016 15:00

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone!

Canadian Slouchy

There are only 24 days until July 01...CANADA DAY! I am really not that patriotic, however Canada is pretty great.  I have designed a few "Canadian" knits and if you want a head start, now is the time to order a kit, pick a pattern and/or cast on!

Canadian Fingerless Gloves

If you want to make something quick, I suggest going for the Canadian Fingerless Gloves or the Canadian Slouchy.  Both say CANADA pretty loud and clear.  I currently have a few Slouchy knit kits available here.

If you are looking for something less in-your-face Canadian...sorry, I would suggest the classic Top Down Trapper hat.  This shape says CANADA but it can be knit in any color combo to make it your own!

Top Down Trapper Hat

This hat is not as quick as the other two projects I listed above simply because you basically have to knit two and seam them together; but, you still have time to make it for July 01st!

Happy Knitting everyone!

monday may 30, 2016: a sneak Peek ~ click here to comment May 30, 2016 17:05

Happy #TCJMonday

Last week it felt like Summer left us but today, a Monday of all days, the sun is out and I feel like it's going to be a great week; summer is coming back!

mini collection

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will know that I am working on what I have been calling a "mini collection."  This "mini collection" is my premier knitwear collection; for the first time I am sitting on a lot of designs, waiting to release them all at once. 

mini collection

I have been working on this collection since last fall. It is a collection inspired by yarn, color and textures. For this collection, my first collection, it was important to knit with local Vancouver, BC Canadian yarn.  Our knit/fiber/yarn community here in Vancouver has exceptional designers, yarn dyers and dedicated, loyal crafters; our community is big and still growing! This collection is designed exclusively using  the beautiful SweetGeorgia Yarns

mini collection

I have a little history with SweetGeorgia Yarns that goes back about 7 years ago when I first started my adventure with yarn and knit design.  It seemed like a natural choice to pick SweetGeorgia Yarns as my inspiration for my initial mini collection.

mini collection

The yarn can be bright, colorful, vibrant, and it can also be calm, sophisticated and neutral.  The qualities of yarn from merino, to mohair, to silk to thick to thin to chunky inspire texture!

mini collection

This mini collection will be out this Summer 2016 as single PDF's, an e book and print copy.  I will keep you all posted on dates and links...don't worry!

yellow roses

Let's hope this sun keep shining over the week to come......