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monday march 21, 2016: uashmama paper bags ~ click here to comment March 21, 2016 10:12

Happy #TCJMonday everyone!

Uashmama and kitty

Today I want to talk about how great Uashmama paper bags are! These bags or yarn bowls or project totes are amazing, super handy and of course cute!  I use mine at home and outside but mainly on-the-go as a yarn bowl I can easily stuff into my purse.


Each bag is hand made in Tuscany, Italy by a family run business.


"...Linking tradition, craftsmanship and innovation, UASHMAMA® paper products are handmade using virgin fibers from cultivation and not through deforestation. The manufacturing process is similar to that used to produce leather, with each individual sheet of paper stretched and tanned to produce a durable and washable paper. Originally designed as bread bags, over time UASHMAMA® paper bags have proven themselves to be so much more. They mold and shape with ease and their usefulness is limited only by their owner's imagination."


These bags come in a great range of neutral colors that will go with any knitting/crochet project!  We have:
Navy Uashmama
Lt Grey Uashmama
paper bag uashmama
Charcoal Uashmama
Lt grey silver uashmama
gold uashmama
What's your favorite color?
knitting uashmama

Monday March 14, 2016: shipping rates & notion kits ~ click here to comment March 14, 2016 11:53

Happy Monday #TCJMonday

First up, I want to let you all know I lowered the shipping rates slightly. It is not a huge change, especially for the US shipping, but it is something. 

  • Shipping within Canada went from $12.00 to $10.00 
  • Shipping to US went from $18.00 - $17.00

Today I wanted to show you the cool notion kits we offer. And I have a new product, I only have 4 pairs...and they are super cute....

Over the last few weeks I have shown you the Uashmama notion kits which are truly fabulous.

 basic notion kit

basic notion kit

Our most popular kit is called the Basic Notion Kit, which it is just that.  It is the perfect starter kit with all the essentials tools.  Everything comes in a super slim metal hinged box that easily fits into any size project bag, purse or pocket.

Each kit comes with:

  • 1 pair of mini scissors
  • mini stitch holder with stitch markers:
    • 10 seamless large metal ring stitch markers (up to size 8mm (11US)
    • 10 seamless SILVER signature metal ring stitch markers (up to size 5mm (8US)
    • 5 coiless removable stitch markers
  • 2 different size darning/tapestry needles
  • 1 cute button

finishing kitIf you do a lot or a little finishing work this kit is the perfect accessory keep in your knitting bag.

finishing kit

 Each kit comes with the following supplies in a cute round tin

  • 1 white retractable measuring tape
  • 1 cutter pendant
  • 1 needle threader
  • 2 tapestry needles
  • 1 mini stitch holder with stitch markers:
    • 10 pear shaped coiless removable markers
    • 5 seamless silver medium metal ring stitch markers

petites scissors

And Finally, this is my favorite.  I was only able to get 4 pairs...that is not very many sets.... These Petites Scissors are so adorable and special, every crafter will appreciate them.  It's the little treasures in your tool kits that make knitting, crocheting and crafting most delightful!

monday feburary 29, 2016: hedgehog shawl pins ~ click here to comment February 29, 2016 10:14

Happy Monday Everyone!

And, wow, it is a special day today, Happy Leap Year!!  Every four years we get an extra day; with time speeding by so fast, I'll gladly take it!

Today's feature is especially exciting to me, not only because she is my mother, but because we are able to offer such talent and such great products here at The Crafty Jackalope! 

Introducing: Hedgehog Shawl Pins, handmade by my talented mother, Nancy Walker!

These Hedgehog Shawl Pins are so special.  They are individually handcrafted down to their cute little noses and each one has it's own unique personality.

Nancy Walker hand-makes each one from the finest white porcelain clay. She then glazes their coats and noses with a beautiful, slightly metallic bronze color and then fires them in a kiln. The copper stem is placed and secured with a 'wiggle' which helps keep the shawl pin in place on a sweater, shawl/wrap, or wherever you wear it!

These little guys are hard to resist.  Each one comes gift wrapped, opening the package is like meeting a new friend!

For complete details about these Hedgehog Shawl Pins and more links to Nancy Walker's work and complete product line, visit the product page!

monday February 22, 2016: pom poms ~ click here to comment February 22, 2016 10:38

Happy Monday!

I know last week I said we were going to explore some existing products & projects, but I have to stray from that this week...because, WE GOT POM POMS!!!

These faux fur pom poms look like the real deal; super soft, and plush. They are perfect on top of a hat, as tassel ends for any shawl, wrap, or cowl and great for slipper decoration...but really, you could put a pom pom on anything! #putapompomonit

We have four colors: White, black, beige & grey. 

We started with neutrals but if you would like some bright colors or soft pastels let me know, it is something we could bring in for sure.  ooo I am so excited about these!

These fluffy-bunny-kitties have a circumference approximately 11"/28cm and a
diameter approximately 3.75"/9.5cm.

monday february 15, 2016: my favorite products ~ click here to comment February 15, 2016 00:01

Happy Monday! #TCJMonday.

First of all, a bit of housekeeping: I added a mandatory name and e mail requirement for the live chat.  I missed a chat this week and without an e mail, I am unable to reply.  This is terrible and I feel bad so I made the changes ASAP to avoid this moving forward. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day whether you spent it with a loved one, with your family, close friends or beloved furry friends!  Here in Vancouver, BC Canada it was a dreary, rainy, grey day but with a kiss from my husband, kitty by my side, this was the perfect day to hunker down for some serious knitting! I am sure you can all the knitting at least!  And, Happy Family Day to the rest of Canada!

Starting this week I am going to take a bit of time over the remainder of the month, or so, to show you a few of my favorite things in the TCJ shop!   

This was the second pattern I ever designed!  Since then, I have revamped it but it still has such a charm to it and I am very proud of this one.  It is the Owl Headband, starring Kitty. 

You can purchase the pattern which calls for a DK weight yarn in BSA Suri Merino or you can purchase the kit in a merino/alpaca blend.  The kit comes with: yarn; pattern; two purl buttons for eyes; one purl button for the back closure; yarn for attaching the buttons; and for the rest of this month, I will throw in a TCJ 100% cotton project bag for FREE!

Happy Crafting!