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monday May 23, 2016: crochet is cool ~ click here to comment May 23, 2016 15:59

You might feel as though I am knit biased, but really I love all crafts and especially love crochet too!  Crochet, I feel is a bit harder to make modern; too many doilies are not very cool.  I am happy to say, today you can find many cool crochet patterns.  Vogue Knitting started coming out with a yearly or bi-yearly magazine exclusive to crochet.  Noro Magazine has also included some cool crochet in with the knits.  Love Crochet recently started an exclusive site just for crochet as well.  Love it!

supersonic crochet cowl

Although I have not designed a lot of crochet I did design a simple and quick crochet cowl called the Supersonic Crochet Cowl.  If you already know the basics of crochet this cowl can take under an hour to make which is ideal for gift giving!  If you want to learn to crochet, this is a great basic piece you can start with.

supersonic crochet cowl

We also offer this pattern as a crochet kit!  It comes with the pattern, yarn and hook (optional).  We use Malabrigo Rasta which is a beautiful hand dyed 100% merino yarn; it comes in some pretty cool colors!

supersonic crochet cowl malabrigo rasta

If you are not into crocheting but want the cowl we also offer it handmade "ready to wear!"  All the Supersonic Crochet Cowls are handmade locally in Vancouver, BC Canada. 

monday feburary 29, 2016: hedgehog shawl pins ~ click here to comment February 29, 2016 10:14

Happy Monday Everyone!

And, wow, it is a special day today, Happy Leap Year!!  Every four years we get an extra day; with time speeding by so fast, I'll gladly take it!

Today's feature is especially exciting to me, not only because she is my mother, but because we are able to offer such talent and such great products here at The Crafty Jackalope! 

Introducing: Hedgehog Shawl Pins, handmade by my talented mother, Nancy Walker!

These Hedgehog Shawl Pins are so special.  They are individually handcrafted down to their cute little noses and each one has it's own unique personality.

Nancy Walker hand-makes each one from the finest white porcelain clay. She then glazes their coats and noses with a beautiful, slightly metallic bronze color and then fires them in a kiln. The copper stem is placed and secured with a 'wiggle' which helps keep the shawl pin in place on a sweater, shawl/wrap, or wherever you wear it!

These little guys are hard to resist.  Each one comes gift wrapped, opening the package is like meeting a new friend!

For complete details about these Hedgehog Shawl Pins and more links to Nancy Walker's work and complete product line, visit the product page!