SPARKLE SCHOOL PART 1 ~ Click here to comment

SPARKLE SCHOOL PART 1 ~ Click here to comment


It's always a thrill when I see makers add sparkle projects!  Carry-along yarns are MAJOR this season, along with sparkles, neon, and tweed!  I have a couple sparkle options, it can be confusing which one is right for your project, so here is a bit of info.  Remember, always make a swatch to see how your bling will work with your main yarn; some of the options will change your gauge slightly.  Check individual listings for yardage.

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Sequinicity Lana Gatto PaillettesSEQUINICITY & LANA GATTO PAILLETTES are very similar.  Sequinicity is a tad heavier.  Both are about a lace-weight and they do change the gauge of your finished garment.  The sequins also match the soft polyester thread they are on so they are great for matching colours to main yarns or holding with a mohair or suri. 
King Cole Cosmos
KING COLE COSMOS is the thinnest weight of all the bling balls.  The sequins are on a metallic thread (silver, gold, or black).  This bling doesn't change the gauge.  If you hold the gold or silver with any yarn that is NOT a suri or mohair or any texture, the metallic really shows up, sort of like gold leaf. If you hold with a textured yarn, the metallic is less noticeable.  And all the black options hid very well in charcoal, black, navy, anything dark.
MEGA BLING is my absolute favorite of all the blings.  It has SOOOO many sequins per inch, way more than all the others.  This yarn is very special.  It's more expensive because it has more sequins and less yardage than all the others.  It does change the gauge a bit, so it's good to do a swatch.  I find the yarn that the sequins are on is less "polyesterish" and less slinky than the sequinicity and lana gatto.
Leave a comment if you have any questions.  Next Blog post will be some tips and tricks on using the sparkle yarns!  And, stay tuned for the LIVE sparkle School presentation.  I am working on this and will announce the date and time soon.  
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Happy Makebling XO
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