monday june 27, 2016: bamboo interchangeable sets ~ click here to comment June 27, 2016 14:12

Happy #TCJMonday

One of the most fun things I do is craft/knit/crochet R & D {research & development}.  Recently I came across new knitting needles that I just had to try! These bamboo chunky & special interchangeable knitting needle sets blew my mind.  With 24K gold plated connectors and tips made from Japanese bamboo, these light weight beauties were so nice to work with!  They don't have the solid feeling of the original KP birch, but I like the lighter feather weight and the added grip these needles offer. My hands are in heaven, and I like the summery look of the light bamboo showing through my stitches.

bamboo interchangeable needles

These bamboo needles have a very nice point and the stitches glide smoothly over the connector and the tips, but not too fast! 

bamboo interchangeable set

Easy summer knitting!  My favorite set is the SPECIAL {7 short tips}.

special intercahngeable set

The longer CHUNKY set is great too, perfect for bigger gauges!

chunky interchangeable set

Anyway, who doesn't need more needles to start more projects?!  We love these new interchangeables and know you will too!