Grocery Girls Makers Spotlight ~ Click here to comment

Grocery Girls Makers Spotlight ~ Click here to comment

It was such an honor to be the Grocery Girls guest on today Makers Spotlight!  I had so much fun chatting with the gals, we could talk for days!  If you missed the live, the video is now up!
Thank you Grocery Girls for all you do.  Life is hard, you keep it real and make it better xo
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I really enjoyed watching you on the Grocery Girls. I loved the stories you shared about your Mom carving your first pair of knitting needles and that you had to be creative to watch tv. I just related your story to my son about your first job in the fashion industry for the gentleman that was imprisoned. (He was a fashion student many years ago.). I love so many things on your website.


LOVED the interview with the GG gals! I now have a NEW knitting site to follow! I absolutely loved the sparkle hat with the Pom and the embroidery one is to die for! Also, “Dear Knitter” is such a great idea! I am so excited to follow you!


I just finished watching you on the Grocery Girls and came here looking for pink embroidery hat kit. Will you have more?

Debbie Harrison

Loved the hat with embroidery, is it available in a kit?? Love the Dear Knitter idea!!
I have had several of your patterns in my Ravelry favorites forever!

Pam White

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