Grandes Manches Pullover ~ click here to comment May 15, 2019 08:37

I am so excited about this new knit kit, and I know you will love it too!

Grandes Manches Pullover

We are going ga-ga for the Grandes Manches Pullover.  It's one of those simple designs you can really make your own, and now it comes in a full range of colors with a ton of sequin options!  Its modest construction is great for the novice knitter or advanced pro. Whatever your level, this will be a fun project and trust me, you'll want to make one in every color. 

Below, is a Grandes Manches Pullover in color Jade with no sequins in size medium.  By not adding the sequins, the natural drape of the brushed alpaca creates more movement and drama.  Unlike traditionally spun alpaca, this brushed or blown alpaca is super lightweight and does not make a heavy fabric. The alpaca fibers are blown into a tight/strong nylon mesh which gives the final knitted fabric a fluffy texture with a bit of drape that won't fall out of shape; it's the nylon mesh that helps hold its form.

Grandes Manches Pullover

These knit kits come in a full 9-color range! You have choices, and I don't know how you're going to pick, probably best to get one of each ;)

Grandes Manches Pullover 9-color range

This version, below, is one of my favorites, the color is Baby Blue with Silver/Silver Sequins shown in size Medium.  The silver really blends beautifully into the dusty pale blue and almost seems grey in some lights.  The twinkle of the silver sequins is divine.

Grandes Manches Pullover

Each knit kit comes with 4 - 5 balls of Chipaca yarn; a PDF and downloadable PDF pattern; 2 balls of sequins (optional, additional $20 charge); a limited edition old print TCJ backpack-style project bag (while quantities last). 

Grandes Manches Pullover knit kit