#ENOUGH HAT: Knit Kits and a free pattern ~ Click here to comment

#ENOUGH HAT: Knit Kits and a free pattern ~ Click here to comment

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone.  And, happy Family Day to the rest of Canada.


Yesterday I designed and launched the #ENOUGH Hat which is my way of supporting the movement towards gun reform and law changes in America. "Enough is enough!"  #ENOUGH Hat is a free pattern on Ravelry for everyone! 

For me, the act of making and knitting this hat gives me a sense of comradery and purpose.  So far, the feedback has been incredible; amazing 'thank you' messages from makers around the world in search of a way to "...show their support and solidarity with Parkland and with all other victims of violence..." have been pouring in.  I feel a great sense of community, I have hope.  One of my favorite comments was: "Thank you for giving my hands something to do while my mind spins." These comments and more, remind me that the little things, like making a hat, are actually big and important!  


I know we have to do more than just knit a hat to make change; but, this hat helps bring us together, it shows our support and reminds us to stay in this space until changes are made! No distractions. We are strong in numbers...but don't forget, we are also fierce as individuals and can make a difference by doing simple things.  

The pattern includes tips on what we can do on a local level to help. For those of us who are in other countries, this hat is a beautiful way to show support from afar. 

#ENOUGH Color Swatches

And, if you are looking for the whole package, we have #ENOUGH Hat knit kits available!  These kits include beautiful, soft, comforting yarn: SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted and the pattern.  If you need needles (4.5mm & 5.5mm), click here

Please use #EnoughHat & #Enough when you post your in-progress or finished your hat! xo

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