March 08, 2016: Happy Birthday & International Women's Day ~ click here to comment March 08, 2016 00:00

It's not #TCJMonday but it is a special day & I have a gift for you all.

Not only is it my birthday today...but it is also International Women' Day #IWD2016

I don't know what my mum would have done if she had a son on March 08th....  In any case, she raised me strong and I am forever grateful for everything she has taught me and for all that she does.

Today I take the day off and spend it with my family & friends!  I do nothing on my list and I don't feel guilty about it!

Today I also give you all a gift, the gift of free shipping world wide!  Use coupon code: IWDFREESHIP at check out for today only {March 08 2016}. Enjoy my crafty friends!