monday, january 25th, 2016: Amelia Bedelia Hat ~ click here to comment January 25, 2016 00:00

Happy Monday!

OMG, hold onto your hats people...I have a gift for you: my newest design, Amelia Bedelia Hat! It's a FREEEEEE knitting pattern.

You probably guessed I am obsessed with marled yarn, and it is pretty simple to make (2 strands of different colors yarns held together).  I am also obsessed with SweetGeorgia yarn these days and I had a skein of tough love sock, color cloudbreak,  in my stash.  How cool would it be to marl a variegated yarn? VERY! And to my surprise, it striped!

I can't really guarantee that yours will turn out like mine.... I think there are a few factors that make it striped, particularly size (sample shown in small size) and also where the colors start at each end. If you roll the skeins into a cake, you will be able to pull a strand from the center and the outside of the ball. 

The beauty of this knit is the awe and surprise, you can use any solid or semi solid or variegated fingering/sock weight yarn and double the strands.  The combos are endless! I can't wait to see your versions!  Click the link here and start downloading! #AmeliaBedeliaHat