Gratitude for 2017 & thankful to all the fans ~ click here to comment

Gratitude for 2017 & thankful to all the fans ~ click here to comment

As 2017 comes to a close and the anticipation of 2018 fills my mind, I pause to look back to reflect; wow, what a roller-coaster year! Politically & personally my life has been filled with major ups and major downs; but, thank goodness I have my craft, my family, my friends, my fans. I am so grateful to be able do what I love as my full-time occupation and I am overwhelmed with appreciate for all the supporters, fans, knitters & crafters that lift me up, follow me, participate, make my designs and shop at The Crafty Jackalope; I couldn’t run this beast without you! Thank you.

LYKKE Fixed Circular Needles

To end the year and kick off 2018, I have added to the LYKKE collection!  I am so excited to announce the arrival of the LYKKE Fixed Circular Needles and a limited quantity of the newest colors offered in the Interchangeable Sets: Indigo & Umber.  These colored sets are truly fantastic in person!  I also added the LYKKE Cords for the sets.

LYKKE Interchangeable Set: Indigo       LYKKE Interchangeable Set: Umber

I have some big ideas for 2018, but this is the year I am going to take my time and try to execute with more purpose and less haste....

Things to look forward to in the beginning of January: new colors and more sparkles will be added to the Cashmere Blackstone Slouchy and Magpie Darling Hat, along with 2 new colors for the Bestie Bandana & Bambi Cowl.

Major projects/collections in the works: a spring/summer cotton shawl collection; a baby knits collection; a women’s wear collection!

Teaching: I will continue to teach at the Elementary Schools, recruiting new knitters!  These classes are truly about imagination: starting with an idea, knitting and being creative, changing the idea and turning the knitted fabric into something else!  I will also continue to teach day-time classes at Baaad Anna’s when applicable.  And, of course I am always teaching private and group lessons around Vancouver, BC Canada.

And to end this year on a super positive note, I want to share with you all a beautiful and cheerful Pilot Pullover from ggmadeit! Her smile is infectious and I just love how she embraced this knit full-heartedly!

Pilot Pullover

Pilot Pullover

 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Let’s make 2018 a creative & positive one!

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