Deb Cardi - CROCHET ~ Click here to comment

Deb Cardi - CROCHET ~ Click here to comment

Have you noticed, these days, that crochet is everywhere?! I can't tell you how happy this makes me.  Not that I need a craft to be popular to enjoy it, or pick it up again, but all the cool tools and yarn balls specific to crochet are literally at our finger tips; and not to mention, the inspo is off the charts!  

This spring I started carrying Katia Insta Granny yarn.  This yarn is super cool and specifically makes 5-round Granny Squares with automatic color shifts. 

1 ball makes 3 Granny Squares. 
You can purchase the yarn HERE.

At first it might take a few goes to get the color shifts to match up perfectly, or almost perfectly, but once you get it, I promise, you'll be addicted to making these fun squares...I certainly was.....  I made a Deb Cardi - CROCHET using 9 balls (27 Granny Squares) + MEGA Bling.

I put together the basics in a kit to make the Deb Cardi - CROCHET.  This kit comes with 9 balls of Katia Insta Granny + 2 balls of Katia Concept Sky for the final seaming round.  The kit doesn't really come with a pattern, perse, rather modifications, tips and tricks, schematics and photos of what I did to create this masterpiece that hopefully will make it easy for you to replicate.  If you want to add EXTRA Bling, you need to add some to your cart, HERE.

For more info, check out the RAVELRY Project page, HERE.





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