Unicorns, Anywhere Cowls & Yarn Bowls ~ click here to comment

Unicorns, Anywhere Cowls & Yarn Bowls ~ click here to comment

Anywhere Cowl

As I was completing an Anywhere Cowl in SweetGeorgia Party of Five Mini Skein set in color Swell I was dreaming about the next one, wondering where it could take me..........

Anywhere Cowl

Swell took me to the beaches of the Caribbean...with each knit-one-purl-one stitch...........


A few weeks ago, I picked up SweetGeorgia's newest mini skein set, Prismatic which is made up of 12 beautiful rainbow gradients; the color is bold but I am not scared! At first, I had the notion of design something new with it, but every time I played around with the colors I kept wondering what it would be like knit up as an Anywhere Cowl.

Anywhere Cowl

Tonight, I am Casting On!  Because there are more colors and ultimately a bit more yardage I made 24 (2 of each color) mini tassels which I will attach to one side of the cowl.

rainbow tassels

~ make unique ~

I made the tassels first so I don't have to worry about saving extra yardage for later; I can knit freely, without a stitch marker, adding the new colors as the old ones run out.

Prismatic makes me dream of Unicorns...have you ever wanted to meet one? 

We are now offering PRE-ORDER Prismatic Anywhere Cowl Knit-kits in the shop! Free shipping always.

Talkingclay yarn bowl

And, speaking of unicorns, my talented ma made a few exclusive Unicorn yarn bowls!! WHAAAAT?! Yes, that is right...UNICORN YARN BOWLS! Check them out on the Etsy site, TalkingClay, here!

unicorn yarn bow

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Can’t wait to see the finished version in the Prismatic, including tassels.


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