Spring Cleaning: how to wash your Uashmama bags ~ click here to comment

Spring Cleaning: how to wash your Uashmama bags ~ click here to comment

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone,

Spring has sprung and it's time for a little spring cleaning...

Cleaning your Uashmama bag

 Three simple steps to help make your Uashmama bags look brand new again for this Spring season!

Uashmama cleaning
1) Unroll your paper bag
wash Uashmama bags
2) Wash in warm water with mild detergent
washing Uashmama bags
3) Rinse thoroughly + lay flat to dry
These beautiful handcrafted washable paper bags made in Italy are the perfect mini project carry and/or yarn bowl.  With patio and beach knitting and crocheting just around the corner, it's time to think about the accessories you need to get making outdoors a breeze!
Get your Uashmama today.

 ~ 3 instruction photos, courtesy of Uashmama Canada

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Hello Gerda,

If you tried the cleaning steps from this blog and the blue jean stain is still on your purse, I am sorry to say that it’s probably a permanent stain. Blue jean (indigo) stains are pretty tough to get out in general.

- Amanda

Amanda Kaffka

I bought a stone colour handbag and purse from you. My new blue jean stained the outside of my handbag. Please twll me how can I get rid of the stain without damaging my bag.
Kind regards

Gerda Visagie

Nice and concise tips.
Thanks for these tips to wash your uashmama bags.


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