TCJ Merchandise for 2024 ~ Click here to comment

TCJ Merchandise for 2024 ~ Click here to comment

Hello Makers,

I am so excited to announce TCJ MERCHANDISE is coming to the shop in 2024, big time!  But to kick off this new collection, I am introducing TCJ Glitter Stickers from Sticker Mule!  I have thought a long time about getting branded merchandise for the shop, and when Sticker Mule sent me a promo to try out their products, I thought, now is the time.  These Glitter Stickers are high quality sparkly stickers with the whimsical TCJ logo on them turned out better than I ever expected; they're thick, super sparkly with a strong stick. If you are a sticker collector, like me, you are going to want to add this one to your collection!

Sticker Mule TCJ Glitter Sticker

This is just the start, Sticker Mule has lots of Merch products that I can brand and bring to you! In the meantime, these fun stickers are available now in the shop:


Tell me what type of Merchandise you want to collect!

Sticker Mule TCJ Glitter Stickers

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