Magpie Darling Hat SALE ~ click here to comment

Magpie Darling Hat SALE ~ click here to comment

Happy #TCJMonday 

If you ever shopped for a Magpie Darling Hat, you will remember, the list was long!  There were SO many choices...too many choices?  Although I love all the Magpie options and have made multiples of each, I felt like it was time to clean house.  The solution, put some Magpies on sale!!! 

Paillettes Magpie Darling Hat

All SALE Magpies are now listed on a specific Magpie Darling Hat Sale page.  Currently, it includes all the Amore, Paillettes, Mohair Tweed, Sherpa, and 100% Cashmere Lana Gatto hats.  These gems are all discounted, once they are gone, they are gone.  If you love it, get it!

Sherpa Magpie Darling Hat

Like this Sherpa, Dk Grey with Black/Rainbow Sequin, there's only one left!

Happy shop-bling & knit-bling

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