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Hi Everyone, I am just checking in with you all to see how you are doing?  How's the anxiety level?  You know mine is high, but I am thankful every day for my knitting, this community, and for all of your support. 
Magpie Darling Hat sales are up and it thrills me to bits, sequin joy is getting delivered!  Most of these hats are on pre-order.  The first delivery will go out on April 08th, 2020; second delivery April 15th, 2020.  
Magpie Darling Hat WA
If you are wanting the Berger De France Cashmere Magpie Darling Hats, they are currently out of stock; however, I found a local supplier which means they will be replenished SOON.  I will reopen these hats for pre-orders in the next day or so, as soon as I get a definitive delivery date.
Magpie Darling Hat - CASHMERE
And, good news, the Sherpa Magpie Darling Hats will also be restocked by the end of the month. 
Pre-orders are now open in base colors: White, Lt Grey, Black & lt pink!
Magpie Darling Hat - Sherpa
Also thank you to the Grocery Girls for all the mentions as of late.  I am so happy you are sharing your love of the Magpie Hat with all your fans!  And, thank you for also doing weekly live podcasts! Wow, I can't tell you how watching you gals helps me escape a little. 
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