Grocery Girls Makers Spotlight ~ Click here to comment

Grocery Girls Makers Spotlight ~ Click here to comment

It was such an honor to be the Grocery Girls guest on today Makers Spotlight!  I had so much fun chatting with the gals, we could talk for days!  If you missed the live, the video is now up!
Thank you Grocery Girls for all you do.  Life is hard, you keep it real and make it better xo
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I watched Grocery Girls after it aired and was so happy to see them interviewing you. I loved your talk about working with kids and how you just went with whatever they made and turned it into a happy project. That is just what we need for the kids right now. You are so positive and that is a hard thing to be these days. Bravo to you and thank you to your parents for raising such a wonderful, kind person.



Really enjoyed you on the Grocery Girls. I cannot find the embroidery hat or Elliot pattern on your website to use the coupon code. Ready for the embroidery sweater pattern too! Thank you, Cea


Loved the spotlight!! So thrilled to learn about you!

Maureen DesMarais

I love the interview with Amanda it was so inspiring. I can’t wait to buy some kits.

maureen walter

I found the pink embroidery hat and ordered it. Yay!!!

Debbie Harrison

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