Chunky Collection Patterns are now available ~ click here to comment

Chunky Collection Patterns are now available ~ click here to comment

Happy #TCJMonday

Valentines Day is just around the corner, like tomorrow, and today happens to be Family Day (if you live in BC, Canada) and The Chunky Collection patterns are now available, what a great start to the week! 

If you want to spread your heart: wear your heart on your sleeves & the love on your back, Pilot Pullover sends a powerful message of unity, love, inclusion.

Piolot Pullover

If you don't already have super bulky yarn in your stash to make this, I highly recommend splurging on the kit.  It comes with 10 balls of the softest 100% merino yarn from Italy that you have ever felt; cashmere quality!

Little Bomber Cardi

This beauty has stunning details that flatter.  I wear this Cardi as a jacket and a sweater.  The pill-factor, is practically zero! The shed-factor is non existent! This Cardi would look nice in any super bulky weight, but you really can't beat the 100% merino that comes in the kits!

Rusted Shawl

Rusted Shawl

This squishy, light-weight chunky shawl is just what you need for the cool nights and wintery days.  It just snowed last week and Rusted Shawl kept me warm and cozy! There are tons of vibrant colors and strong neutrals to choose from in the knit-kits.

Little Tank is the perfect layering piece. 

I wear this over t-shirts, long sleeves, shirts, and bandeaus!  I think I really need one in every color! Quick knits, get the kit!

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