a little politics with your crafts ~ click here to comment

a little politics with your crafts ~ click here to comment

Happy #TCJ Monday

First of all, thank you for all your comments in the previous post.  I love hearing about the yarn colors that inspire and make you happy, and of course the lovely comments about the newest pattern, Peppercorn Pullover, are always heart warming!  The pullover comes in 2 sizes S/M & L/XL, I am currently knitting the L/XL version in color Powder Green.  It is an amazing dusty-like deep forest green.  The other day I was on the North Shore and I noticed, my pullover matched the trees! #nature

There is still time to enter.  Contest ends Tuesday November 08th 11:59pm PST.  Click here to enter the WOOL AND THE GANG #giveaway.  The prize: 4 balls of WATG Take Care Mohair in the color of your choice to make the TCJ Peppercorn Pullover!


I love to keep this blog and all social media for TCJ political free. Politics can be tricky, everyone has their own strong opinion and I like to keep TCJ in a neutral zone, inspiring you all to make and create on a positive platform; however, with the US election looming, it's simply too big to sit in silence. A Polish-American artist named Olek has inspired me to speak up!

crochet Hilary BlanketLook what Olek made!  This handmade crochet blanket took 794,880 stitches to make, and in just 4 weeks Olek made a huge impact! What an accomplishment.  It makes me so proud that craft, art and making can make such big statements and truly create change; look at the community we are part of!  I am not shy to say I support Hilary, she has done some amazing things all throughout her career. She is not the 'alternative' vote, she is my first choice.  #ImWithHer

If anything, today I encouraging everyone, who can, VOTE.  You are not too small to make a difference; Olek is a great reminder of this and can inspire us all!

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