monday february 01, 2016 ~click here to comment

monday february 01, 2016 ~click here to comment

"Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit..."  If you are wondering why I am repeating "rabbit" three times, well, it's a British superstition to repeat these words 3 times upon waking up on the first of every month to ensure good luck for the duration of the month!  Do you have a funny monthly superstition?

A little housekeeping to start:  due to the popularity of Dear Knitter, I gave it its own prominent spot on the top menu of the website.  You will notice I have added some drop downs to the new Dear Knitter, they will be the home of the archived Dear Knitter advice (currently they are empty for the time being).  Because of this shuffle, I moved Handmade under the Learning and Services at the top menu.  Keep the questions for Dear Knitter coming, I love hearing from you.  You can contact me here by clicking the "~click here to comment" at the top of this blog; you can use the contact form on the bottom right hand corner of the site; or the chat with us box on the left hand bottom corner; or send us an email at:

Also, the newsletter will go out later this afternoon, there is still time to sign up if you wish to receive it!

Now for the fun part, Happy Monday! This week I made up a little kit for the Uashmama washable paper bag notion cases.  There are only four available (as a kit and) and only four available as is (case only).  The kits come with: 1 mini silver tip gold swan scissor; 30 stitch markers in a keepsake tin (15 silver, 15 gold for sizes up to 5mm (8US); 1 cute heart button.  These are truly my favorite notion organizers.  They are the perfect size to fit everything and slip into your project bag or purse.  They are durable, look super cute and made out of PAPER...that you can cool is that!!??

We also have the washable paper bag yarn bowls/project bag.  These are so great too.  They are easy to stuff into your purse, and totally portable. 

They come in a great range of colors: paper bag; charcoal (which match the notion cases); light grey; navy; light grey with silver print; paper bag with gold print (my favorite color).  

These bags are made in Tuscany, Italy and are handmade using virgin fibers from cultivation and not through deforestation. The manufacturing process is similar to that used to produce leather, with each individual sheet of paper stretched and tanned to produce a durable and washable paper.

These amazing bags are soft but resilient, and can be washed like fabric, ironed and flattened completely for storage purposes. The bags are designed to be rolled so you can alter the height.

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