Book #2: Afterglow, a sneak peek ~ click here to comment

Book #2: Afterglow, a sneak peek ~ click here to comment

Wow friends, it has literally been one month since I last blogged, July 24th to be exact.  Where have you been? You might ask. Well, I have been working on the second book, called AFTERGLOW which is a seven piece collection featuring WOOL AND THE GANG yarns!  Over the last few month I have shown mini sneak peeks through IG, FB & the newsletter, but really, they haven't been very detailed or revealing....  Since I am so close to the launch (in 1 - 2 weeks), I want to show you a bit more behind the scenes and inspire some excitement!

I am not sure if you know this, but I do almost everything myself when it comes to self publishing.  Of course I have help from amazing yarn dyers/creators/suppliers, my husband takes all my book-photos and I have fabulous test knitters and an amazing editor! 

Designing is my first passion.  Using beautiful yarns is one of the perks and joys; collections are often built on being inspired by fiber.

Designing a collection that becomes a book has many parts to making it all work and come together. 

One of the most overwhelming parts is putting the collection together in InDesign, creating a single pattern into a book format. These images are the view from my laptop, in InDesign. This step becomes my obsession and I love the puzzle, getting all the pieces (designs) to fit in the right spot. 

I am a designer who likes to test my designs, I can't tell you how many times I knit and re-knit this collection.  I like to make sure the patterns read clearly and I like to try different yarns and fibers.  That being said, I certainly can't do this step alone, I have an amazing crew of test knitters, getting outside feedback is invaluable! 

And my fabulous editor helps me keep consistent and polishes up the small & big things I miss.  

And lastly, my husband is my photographer.  We love to travel and go on adventures, lucky for me he has a great eye for photography and design and I am naturally comfortable in front of him.  This collection was taken on our last vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico.  When I look at the photos, it takes me back there ~

I am so excited about AFTERGLOW, this collection just kept getting bigger and better and I can't wait to share it with you, for real.  You can expect an official launch within 1 - 2 weeks! Afterglow will be available right away as single patterns, and PDF downloads.  I will be taking pre-orders for hardcopies and of course, AFTERGLOW will be ready for purchase at Knit City 2017 (September 30th & Oct 01). 

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