AFTERGLOW book release party ~ click here to comment

AFTERGLOW book release party ~ click here to comment

Well, you have waited long enough!  The second book from The Crafty Jackalope is finally here; today is the day!  I am so excited to share this 7-piece collection with you!


Inspired by WATG yarn, this 7-piece collection has a full range of styles & projects: two cardi's, two cowl, one shawl, one shrug, and a pullover; there is something for everyone.  And, although I knit using the amazing WOOL AND THE GANG yarn (which I highly recommend), I have also included a list of tried-and-true yarn substitution options in the book.  I am all about making these pieces your own and using local yarns and/or whatever you prefer!

Peppercorn Pulloever

You will be familiar with the Peppercorn Pullover & the Bestie Bandana.  These were the 2 original designs that re-sparked my passion for WATG yarns. 

Bestie Bandana

Last year I designed these 2 pieces as a joint giveaway with WATG.  Since then, they grew into a full 7-piece collection.  Below is Cowlicious!


I wanted the feeling to be boho and casual with the idea you could knit these anywhere: on the beach, poolside, summer, winter, fall or spring! Snuggle up in Beau Cardi.

Beau Cardi

I thought about wearability, and knitability when designing.  I love the idea of rhythmical knitting, where the repeats become part of you and your mind can start to wonder and socializing is possible.  Rosy Shawl is just that.

Rosy Shawl

Knitting these pieces with your besties, is what I imagined.  Building community and building friendships. Laughing, sharing stories and not missing a stitch is what matters. Shrug It Off, a chunky lace knit makes life's woes vanish for awhile. 

Shrug It Off

Something unusual, some thing bold, something that stands out and keeps you interested.  iHeart Cardi was one of the most fun designs to design.  

iHeart Cardi

The eBook instant PDF download and PDF Single patterns are now available!  You can also preorder a hardcopy (which comes with an instant PDF ebook copy). Hardcopies will be sent out no later than September 27, 2017.  Signed Hardcopies will also be available at Knit City 2017

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