WoolAddicts pattern books

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WoolAddicts by Lang Yarns are beautifully crafted collections of patterns for knitters and crocheters.  Each book has been 23 - 43 designs per publication and comes with a style and yarn guide.  With European standards, each pattern is well written and thought out.  The styling is superb and inspiring. And, the endless hours of quality making awaits.  

I highly recommend these patterns.  Although, please note, these patterns are written with the utmost care in a European style.  I like to describe it as a "run-on-sentence."  Being used to North American style, these patterns can take a bit (not a lot) of time to get used to.  For every sale of WoolAddicts patterns, I offer email help to those who need it.  I have made a handful of these patterns so I am used to the style of writing and I am more than happy to get you going on ones or more of these beautiful designs!

Offering three How-to Books which include style magazines with each

1) HOW-TO #3 the newest fall/winter 2019 collection featuring 40 designs.

Flip through the pages of Book #3 here.


2) HOW-TO #2 summer cotton collection featuring 23 designs.

Flip through the pages of Book #2 here.


3) HOW-TO #1 fall/winter collection 2018 featuring 43 designs.

Flip through the pages of book #1 here.

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