finishing kit


The ultimate finishing kit is seriously...the ultimate finishing kit!  It contains all the essential tools for finishing any knit or crochet project.  This kit is compact and perfect for travel or carrying in your project bag.

each kit comes with the following supplies in a cute round tin

  • 1 white retractable measuring tape
  • 1 cutter pendant {silver or gold}
  • 1 mini scissor {gun metal or gold swan}
  • 1 needle threader
  • 2 tapestry needles
  • 1 mini stitch holder with stitch markers:
    • 10 pear shaped coiless removable markers {platina color}
    • 10 seamless silver large metal ring stitch markers {silver or gold}

Detailed description of each product included

  • the 60"/150cm retractable measuring tape has an easy to use retractable center button.  Smooth mechanics and great quality.
  • the cutter pendant is perfect for bringing on a plane.  It is small, compact and easy to use. Cutter comes in gold or silver color, depending on the kit you choose.
  • the needle threader is essential for threading those tough yarns through the eye of the tapestry needles.  No fuss, no muss, no licking..... The threader matches the gold color cutter.
  • the tapestry needles are all different sizes to suit different yarns, and projects.
  • the coiless markers are a fine platina color plated no-rust copper.  Pear shaped & removable, they are perfect for marking stitches, counting and for seaming.
  • the silver large stitch markers are no snag, seamless and great for most projects  (up to size 8mm (11US).  Comes in gold or silver color depending on the kit you choose.
  • Mini scissors are metal, sharp and sturdy.  They are high quality and work for fine threads to thicker super bulky yarns.  Comes in gold swan or gun metal color depending on the kit you choose.


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