bamboo chunky interchangeable needle set


Bamboo chunky interchangeable knitting needle set by knitter's Pride is a must have!  24K Gold plated connectors and made from Japanese Bamboo are smooth and strong.

I spent some time knitting a few projects using these needles and I was very impressed.  They are light weight, with a smooth finish and pointy tip.  Not as solid feeling as the birch Knitter's Pride needles, these are nice on the hands and have a bit more grip to them while still allowing the stitches to glide freely on the joints and tips.

These are perfect for any project from sweaters, shawls, cowls, scarves...etc...

Must use Magic Loop method when working in the round for smaller projects such as hats, mitts, sleeves, socks.

Each set comes with:

  • 5 knitting needle tips:
    6mm (10US)
    6.5mm (10.5US)
    8mm (11US)
    9mm (13US)
    10mm (15US)
  • 3 cords:
    24" (60 cm)
    32" (80 cm)
    40" (100 cm)
  • Accessories:
    1 set of cord connectors
    6 end caps
    3 cord keys

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