The Crafty Jackalope: Vol. 01 ~ YARN has arrived! ~ click here to comment

The Crafty Jackalope: Vol. 01 ~ YARN has arrived! ~ click here to comment

It's here, it is finally here!  My first 7 piece mini collection is complete!  My posts have been sparse these last few months as I geared up for this day.  This collection was a year in the making, and now I am happy to announce the launch of The Crafty Jackalope: Vol. 01 ~ YARN Digital copy and/or Print Copy.

You can purchase the Digital Copy or Pre-order a Print Copy/Digital Copy or purchase the single PDF patterns from the collection, the choice is yours ~

Each pattern explores the fibers, textures and shapes of the beautiful SweetGeorgia Yarns which inspired the collection.  You can read all about this story, about how this collection was created and go into the mind of a designer in the pages of the 54 digital e book and or Print Copy.

Color Fade Shawl: knit with Party of Five Gradient Mini-Skein Set in color Hanami is one of my favorites, I can't wait to see the blended striping  and/or Ombré combos you guys come up with!

Color Fade Shawl

Ribbon Rock Cowl:  This one, is a favorite. It is simple yet fun and wearable.  I love the striping and the textured stitches.

Ribbon Rock Cowl

Portobello Cowl Version 2.0:  This is an oldie but a goodie.  SweetGeorgia Yarns elevates this cowl to a level of sophistication. The graphic stripes and punch of color can be bold or subtle, both work well!

Portobello Cowl Version 2.0

Honey Stone Fingerless Gloves & Honey Stone Cowl:  This set is special.  It is soft, and looks beautiful in neutrals and would amazing in vibrant colors too! 

Honey Stone Fingerless Gloves & Cowl Set

Royal Flounce Shawl:  This one is the most unique out of the collection.  It features a lace 'Flounce' picked up after and on top of the lace. It is knit in sections which I really enjoy, I hope you will too!

Royal Flounce Shawl

Bandana Rocks: this bandana cowl is simply fun.  It has cool techniques and plays with texture and shape!  I love this bulky knit with bobbles & tassels!

Bandana Rocks

I hope you enjoy this mini collection!  I certainly loved designing it and knitting it!  I invite you to explore the patterns and read more about the yarn used.  I can't wait to see your versions!

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