the chunky collection is now available! ~ click here to comment

the chunky collection is now available! ~ click here to comment

I am so excited to share with you all the launch of The Chunky Collection!  I have been teasing you on social media for a month, and now it is finally here! Pre-order your knit-kit now for a mid-February delivery.

The Chunky Collection

This collection was so much fun to design; I really wanted to create chunky pieces that were more fitted, flattering and less bulky or heavy than the chunky knits we have seen or made in the past.  I wanted to design pieces that you would actually wear!

Pilot Pullover

Pilot Pullover is my favorite piece, the timing couldn't have been better.  What can we do to carry forward the momentum of the global March? Wear a heart on our back and on our sleeves!  Wouldn't the hearts be fabulous in bright PINK!  We need to nurture LOVE, EQUALITY, POSITIVITY, and kill them with KINDNESS, what better way to do this than to knit and wear a Pilot Pullover!

Little Tank

If you are wanting to knit a smaller piece, the Little Tank is for you!  I think of this Tank as a layering piece, almost vest-like.  It looks great styled over a long-sleeve shirt, t-shirt or even a bandeau!

The Chunky Collection

Another smaller piece is the Rusted Shawl.  This simple-to-knit accessory is a great everyday staple. I love this squishy cozy shawl.

The Chunky Collection

Another favorite is the Little Bomber Cardi.  Again, not too bulky, not too heavy, this cardi can be worn as a jacket or a sweater.  It's beautiful cable, and purl stitch details make it stand out.  The shawl collar can be worn up or down.   This piece is versatile and stylish and a piece you will wear a lot!

The yarn.  Oh my goodness, the yarn.  First of all, I have to say it is the softest 100% Merino from Italy I have ever felt; knitting with it was simply joyful!  Secondly, when I design I do a lot of "frogging" and "tinking" I rip out A LOT...this yarn holds up!  I have yet to see any pilling, after being pretty rough, the yarn looks new!  AND, thirdly...there is absolutely NO shedding! Ya, that is major, you can wear these pieces over your black suit, shirt, pants and it will not leave evidence that you are wearing a sheep! win ~ win ~ win. 

Currently, The Chunky Collection comes as a knit-kit {yarn & pattern}.  Each kit comes with enough yarn to make the piece you choose and the pattern.  Additional needles & notions (stitch markers & stitch holders) do not come with the kits.  We have a ton of colors to choose from: from brights to neutrals; there is something for everyone.  Also, remember all our prices are in CAD$ and we offer FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS!

Patterns will be available to purchase soon, but I highly recommend knitting these pieces in the yarn that comes with the kits, you will love it!

PRE ORDER YOUR KNIT-KIT NOW for a mid February delivery! Free Shipping!

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