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Happy #TCJMonday Everyone!

May turned out to be super busy for me, and June doesn't seem to be slowing down! I have been invited to design a few pieces for Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple and Noro Magazine.  It has been an honor and a test of my speedy knitting ability (tight deadlines).  For all publications and design submissions, swatching is non-negotiable; as you can imagine, I have been knee deep in swatches...and let me tell you, I am not typically a swatcher. For a 'non-swatcher' the last month has actually been a really great exercise, and I have enjoyed the process.  There is something satisfying about putting together design proposals with swatches, illustrations and descriptions; usually I don't plan out projects to the degree, or at least not in this way.


If you're interested in proposing designs to magazines, it's important to keep them super professional looking.  I have been trained in Fashion Illustration, but recently I found a template that is a must for anyone, at any level of illustration.  It's called Fashionary.  I use the notebooks and the panels, all the time.  Even though I can draw, using the templates takes away one extra step and I am able to fully focus on the design and, not to mention, the consistency is a bonus.  Another tip, find the magazines/publications you want to design for and get onto their submissions emailing list, you will get an email every time there is a submission call.

Happy Knitting! XO Amanda 

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