More Magpie Darling Hat news & important information ~ click here to comment

More Magpie Darling Hat news & important information ~ click here to comment

Happy #TCJMonday Everyone! 

It's been a whirlwind the last couple of days since the amazing Grocery Girls, Tracie & Jodi generously talked about the Magpie Darling Hat in the latest episode 72! Wow.  This is an important episode to watch addressing the inclusion of diversity conversation in our fiber community.  I wrote about my views on the subject, on Instagram, a few weeks back.  This is an important conversation to have, learn about and listen to.  The girls are right, it is not ok to just sit back and do nothing or say nothing.  It is not ok for people to not feel welcome in this community.  Knitting and making should bring us together, this is our family and we all need to do better to include everyone.  Follow @grocerygirlsknit @just_traci and @mrsbrownbags to be inspired.

You can imagine, the MDH's have been flying out of here, and they are selling out fast!  I have put knit kits up as PREORDERS for the ones I know are coming back SOON.  My hope, by this Friday, January 8th or latest early the week of Feb 11th. 

Here's some important MDH information:

  • I will keep the Magpie Darling Hat product page up to date with exact dates of delivery when I get them. 
  • If a listing is out, please request an email restock notification.  This is a great way to be the first to know when new stock is in.
  • Because the list of MDH options is SO long, if a colorway is discontinued, I am deleting it!  This means if you ordered a knit kit and I have deleted it, your PDF link to the pattern will not work.  I know this is super annoying, so I apologize in advance. I am trying to email everyone who ordered a discontinued color with a PDF attached, but some of the earlier orders will not get this email.  Please, email me anytime and I am happy to email you a copy of the PDF pattern and if you supply your Ravelry Handle, I will also 'gift' a copy of the pattern to your Ravelry account/library: amanda[at]thecraftyjackalope[dot]com
  • NEW: colors in SHERPA & MOHAIR will be in soon, keep checking back regularly.  As soon as I know a colorway is coming in for sure, I will list it as a preorder.
  • NEW: Lang Paillettes in Grey/Blue w/ silver mini sequins knit kits are now up as a PREORDER.  This yarn will be in by Friday Feb 08th and orders will go out right away, by Saturuday Feb 09th, latest.

We all LOVE Sherpa this season, it's all about texture! New colors in the Sherpa Pisco & the Mohair Ingenua Tweed are coming soon!! As soon as I get confirmation on colors/qty, I will post as PREORDERS with a mid-Feb delivery.

If you like it, buy it, these hats are selling fast! I absolutely LOVE seeing your projects-in-progress and finished.  Tag me on IG @amandakaffka or @craftyjackalope or #shareyourTCJ and if you approve, I will repost on @craftyjackalope

Happy Knit-bling! xo

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