Knitting Blog Spotlight ~ click here to comment

Knitting Blog Spotlight ~ click here to comment

Happy #TCJMonday 

My FamilyIt's BC, Canada's Family Day today, and I am so happy to say I am spending it with my little family, Hubby and Kitty! Happy Family Day everyone!

Feb 2018 Pop-up Shop

We had such a great weekend at the Pop-up Shop! Thank you to all that came out to support us and to just check it out!  We are loving this new venture and hope to continue to offer Pop-up's throughout the year!  Stay tuned, and be sure to join the mailing list to get updates and locations!


GGmadeit Spot Light

You guys all know GGMADEIT, right?! Well, on Saturday she Spotlighted me on her blog!  WOW, what an honor!  She has been knitting my patterns up like-a-storm, and I couldn't be more thrilled!  GG had some fears about knitting, like a lot of us do, and she has overcome them by diving in and picking projects she was passionate about and going for it!  Read about her knitting fears here!  Other than my love of knitting and my passion for design, my number one goal as a knitwear designer is to inspire my followers, students, fans and knitting/crochet community.  It is so humbling when I see people walking down the street wearing one of my designs that I know they made; or when a student finishes a knit they have been working hard on and they are proud of it; and when people share their knitting stories, struggles and accomplishments after knitting one of my designs.  WOW, this is what I design for, these moments. Thank you GG for sharing your story and in-turn inspiring so many to knit, make and create! 

Be sure to comment on GG's Spotlight Blog post for a chance to win a copy of AFTERGLOW.  Good Luck xo

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