Magpie Darling Hat Shop-bling guide ~ click here to comment

Magpie Darling Hat Shop-bling guide ~ click here to comment

Happy New Year and Happy TCJ Monday Everyone!


I am so excited about these Magpie Darling Hats, I can't stop talking about them and showing off the sparkle!  These hats are super blingy, fun to wear and everyone loves them!  They are great to make for yourself, of course, but even better as a gift! They knit up quick and anyone who receives one will be thrilled! 

Magpie Darling Hat

I have lots of choices and more coming in over the next few weeks.  This one is the cashmere & sequin yarn held together. It's ultra blingy and shows the strand of metallic throughout which the sequins are attached.  It is the original hat, a winner and comes in lots of different colorways. 

Sherpa Magpie Darling Hat

Added to the Magpie family, SHERPA! This one comes in a light Grey with silver/silver sequins.  This hat has a subtle twinkle and the texture is fabulous.  We all love Sherpa this season and this hat does not disappoint.

Mohair Tweed Magpie Darling Hat

If you love texture, the Mohair Tweed is the hat for you!  This is ultra twinkly and has a beautiful fuzzy texture. This hat runs bigger than the original, so keep this in mind when choosing your size.

Paillettes Magpie Darling Hat

And finally, the 100% super soft Merino Lang Paillettes hat in Charcoal or Black is probably the softest version.  Yes, the cashmere is amazingly soft and luxurious, but the Paillettes is unique in that the sequins are actually already strung into the yarn; because of this, there is no metallic strand holding the sequins.  I love how the sequins speckle, shine throughout.  For this version, you will hold two strands of the merino together at the same time.

What is your favorite version?  I know it is hard to choose.  I have made over 15 Magpie Darling Hats so far...and I wear all of them (other than the ones I have gifted)!  Having the choice of which bling to brighten up my outfit brings a smile every time ;)

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