ChiaoGoo Interchangeables ~ click here to comment

ChiaoGoo Interchangeables ~ click here to comment

ChiaoGoo Knitting Needles

ChiaoGoo knitting needles, have you heard about them?  Have you tried them? Yes and yes! A year or two ago I heard about ChiaoGoo's as the go-to needles for sock knitting, known for their super flexible cable and wicked point.  Not being a sock knitter and being a dedicated LYKKE user, it took me some time to actually try out these new needles everyone seemed to be talking about.  And, let me say, when I tried them, I loved them!

Bamboo Interchangeable ChiaoGoo

I am a huge fan of Interchangeable knitting needle sets.  To have my needles all compact in one kit is everything; I know where they are, they have a place and because I take my knitting everywhere, having my needles organized, tidy and all in one place is a no brainer. Although I love the look of the LYKKE case, ChiaGoo's case is a bit smaller and I like the soft exterior.  But case aside, I love these needles!!!  The needle points are spectacular, the nylon cables are fabulous and flexible, and my favorite go-set right now is the Complete Bamboo 4" set. Unlike the short LYKKE tips, I feel like the ChiaoGoo 4" are long enough to use for all projects, not just for hats or cowls.  I use them for literally, everything: top-down sweaters, flat projects, sleeves, and hats. etc...


OK, let me step back a bit, as a consumer, it might be frustrating to get on board with a new interchangeable set; you just fell in love with LYKKE, Knit Picks, Dreamz or Addi and not only did you invest in one of those, now you have another choice?  I get it.  Please know, I would never make false claims about a product and I would never sell a product that I have not tired, let alone not like.  Over the last year, I have used both the ChiaoGoo metal AND bamboo 4" AND 5" sets. I am confident to say, I recommend all of them.  If you always knit with metal, you will love the Twist Red Lace set; if you typically work on wood, you will love the Bamboo set.  Also, it is interesting to note, in general, I do not love bamboo needles.  I typically find them almost hollow-feeling and they make this weird crunchy noise with each stitch;  the ChiaoGoo Bamboo's don't do any of those weird bamboo-things!

Mini & Small Shorties

The sets I have not tried are the Mini & Small Shorties.  These come with 2" & 3" tips either ranging from 2 - 3.25mm (Mini) or 3.5 - 5mm (Small).  Depending on the cable size you can make 9" - 12" lengths which are fabulous for sleeves, socks and small hats.  Also, if you get the 2" cables, you can make your tips into flexible DPNs, which I am super intrigued about.  This is on my list to try!

In conclusion, I highly recommend the ChiaoGoo needle sets.  They are a bit more expensive than the LYKKE, but the quality is there.  I know it is not always feasible to have multiple sets but if you're like me, with a ton of projects on the go, having multiple interchangeable sets is a must; trust me, I use all my sets.  And something I didn't talk about, the feel of the sets.  I love the warmth and sturdiness of my LYKKE needles and the point is great for yarns that split easily or big sweater projects.  The ChiaoGoo's point is fabulous for lace or making bobbles or when I want to be precise. So, keep that in mind, different needles are good for different projects and it's nice to have a variety to match your mood.

I am now taking ChiaoGoo PRE-ORDERS which will go out on February 25th, 2020.  If you want to get your paws on a set or two, order now!

If you order extra cables, please take extra care and note the size of your needles and the cables that work with those needles.  There are three cable sizes, MINI, SMALL and LARGE which fit either size up to 5mm (SMALL) or 5.5mm and up (LARGE).

And, of course, contact me anytime if you have questions. xo

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