pom poms: snap on

$32.00 CAD

Pompoms are perfect to make any hat or accessories special!

These are high-quality snap-on FAUX FUR pompoms. My #1 favorite pompom product.

Snaps allow for interchangeability between these pompoms, which means, you can switch-up your pompom! Snap-on a unicorn pom one day, snap on a neutral pom the next.  Make a hat and gift it with multiple pompoms!

SIZE - width

approximately 4.75"- 5.5"/12-14 cm.

Baby Poms: 2.25"-3.25"/6-8 cm.

MINIs: 1.5"-2"/3.75-2 cm.

PRO TIP: Blow-dry your pompoms on full-blast/high heat to instantly bring them to life!

Spot wash.  Remove from garment or accessory before washing.  100% Synthetic fiber.

Please note, colors may vary from computer monitors/screens from actual product.

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