handmade labels

$4.95 CAD

You just spent hours making something special for yourself, a friend or for your family.  In fact it looks so perfect people are going to think you purchased it from a store; you need something that says this was made with love, it's "handmade!" 

These cute fabric "handmade" labels are the perfect size to sew onto any handcrafted garment, accessory, bag or homeware.  With large holes to accommodate yarn, these labels are easy to sew on!

Two sizes, 3 colors:

  1. Grey {flat, single sided} 40mm x 30mm
  2. Black {flat, single sided} 40mm x 30mm 
  3. Beige {folded, double sided} 80mm x 20mm
  4. Black {folded, double sided} 80mm x 20mm

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