a maker's gift-giving journal pack

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Because of my own personal need to get organized and my want to knit for my family and friends for specific dates, birthdays and holidays, I decided to get organized and developed the maker's gift-giving journal!  I am so excited to share this with all you maker's and I know it will be super helpful!

This 50-page journal is a game changer for any maker.  It is full of pages to fill out and keep track of giftee & charity details, it includes an overview calendar to list important dates and has a bunch of project pages to keep multiple projects organized and help you plan out your time and priorities, start early and meet deadlines.  The journal is also a fabulous reference, included in the back, needle/hook/yarn conversions; yarn gauges; standard sizing for women, men, children, babies; standard sizing for clothing, hats & socks, knitting abbreviations. 

The journal is perfect for knitters and crocheters.

What's in the pack

  • 1, 50-page maker's gift-giving journal (5"/12.75 cm x 8"/20.25 cm).
  • 5 gift hangtags with to & from info and care/fiber info.
  • 5 ribbons (assorted colors).
  • 5 removable pear-shaped stitch markers to fasten the hangtags with the ribbon onto your finished project.
  • 1 mini pencil (white with @craftyjackalope or navy with The Crafty Jackalope ~ pencil selection is random).


Content pages of the journal

  • 1 Title Page
  • 1 Interactive Content page.
  • 6 pages of Event Calendar.
  • 1 page overview of the people (10) and charities (5) you make for.
  • 10 Giftee Details pages.
  • 5 Charity Details pages.
  • 17 Project Details pages.
  • 1 page Needle/Hook/Yarn Conversions.
  • 1 page Yarn Gauge.
  • 5 pages of Standard Sizing.
  • 1 page Knitting Abbreviations.
  • 1 page End Notes.



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